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Ya got to tell them to take care uh things a little better. About Us Copyright Inquiry Privacy Policy Contact Us No thanks. In Vegas, everybody's gotta watch movie quotes casino else. It just didn't sink into his head what the Black Book is and what it meant, not being banned from every casino is just one thing but being this book gets you into the brains of every cop and FBI agent in the state, I mean you're listed in there with Al Capone, but Nicky didn't care. I just hope it's not them.

Casino Quotes. [narrating, last lines] The town will never be the same. Displaying quotes 1 - 12 of 59 in total. Like Movies? Sign up for our daily newsletter and receive the latest movie news delivered. Casino Movie Quotes. movies goodfellas joe pesci gangster movie movies goodfellas. arnold schwarzenegger movie quotes MEMEs. Casino Royale Quotes. I want to go see The Elephant Man. Lester Diamond: We're not gonna go see any fuckin' elephants, okay? Movie Quotes from Casino.